Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sun-MIn sewed together the very first Uglydoll, Wage,
10 years ago this December, and the 10th
anniversary of the very first Wage to ever be sold
in stores is coming in 2012. We have something
very special planned for mid 2012 to celebrate
Wage's birthday so stay tuned! Wage has always
been one of our best sellers but because the
special shops we sell to always want new and new
and new, we had to make room.
We are completely out of Wage at the warehouse so
if you have one, go get him a "10" candle and
a cup cake ( non GMO please ) or
maybe a salad.

Wage version zero?
This was the first attempt at sewing for Sun-Min.
The second ever item she ever sewed was Wage.
So this goes to show you kids, never give up,
especially after your first attempt.
I fail all day long, doesn't phase me one bit.

Speaking of fail, I was sure these were going to.
I grew up LOVING the little unpainted "Keshi" figures
from Japan as a kid. Somehow I had Keshi figures from every
brand from Star Wars and Sentai to Anpanman and
Mario brothers. So here they are, from my childhood
but mostly inspired by our dozens of trips to
Tokyo over the years, LUCKY UCKYS!
These are the little spirit guides who helped us
find the rare treasures in headed
to your pocket. The yellow ones help with
your quiz! They aren't erasers, so not THAT
kind of help. Anyway I hate erasers.
I never use them. It's all one big mistake,
so why erase it. Embrace it.
These were by far the most popular item
for us at Toy Fair with buyers, so
my destined to fail project is, so far,
knock on wood, not a fail after all.
We hope you like them!

Some of my old Keshi figures.